Terms and Conditions

Summary terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions

Biosecurity Policy – the 6 or 1 Rule

Any boat entering the marina or using any of the Whangaroa Harbour structures must have had

  • New antifoul within the previous 6 months, or
  • A full bottom wash within the previous 30 days (1 month)

Proof of Compliance

Boat skippers must provide proof of the above in the form of a receipt from a boatyard or boat washing facility. No exceptions.

Marina’s Rights

The Marina reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to refuse any boat entry to the marina or associated structures if it considers the boat presents a risk for fanworm. This applies even to boats providing proof of the 6 or 1 rule.

Compliance is required for the use of:

    • The Marina
    • The Weigh Station
    • The Clansman Wharf including the fuel pontoon
    • The Totara North Wharf

Inspection of boats in the harbour by the NRC

The Northland Regional Council will be monitoring Northland Harbours this summer and inspecting boats at anchor. The penalties for having fanworm on a boat are considerable. To avoid this, have a clean hull.